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Entry #7

A New Journey

2009-08-06 19:42:29 by jhende7

For the maybe 1 or 2 people that read this!....

Anyway, the last few songs I've released are part of a new album i'm working called "A New Journey"

The last 3 songs I submitted (Darly Dreaming, Beyond Fate, Treachery & Freedom). I have another one that's ready entitled "The City falls" which should be out pretty soon. My user page will be updated to reflect these changes so you might want to clear your cache :)

Peace out ng'ers



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2009-10-12 13:54:03

Ayo wuts good with the new song fam?


2010-01-21 09:52:20

Wuts good! got a hot new track up. check it out bro. Review it.
thx fam. stay up!

~Rymix n/305648